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If I had a daughter I would tell her to understand she is a gift from God. I would instill that in her from the day she is born. There would be no competition between us as far as winning daddy’s affections or proving I am the better female. I would tell her there was a time it was considered a curse to have a daughter verses having a son. But that time is over because now the female child can be adored, respected and looked upon as intelligent.
I would tell her to always know she is a unique creation of God and God is something or someone deep in her heart. I would teach her to value this invisible presence at all times and to shield it from the temptations of the world. First and foremost she must always understand that boys are totally different than girls in more ways than just physical. I would let her know each year of her life requires a different understanding of the male species.
First of all, the boy is a hunter and he thrives to satisfy his senses. It is human nature for him …

Thank You

How often have we been told to give thanks in all things? Quite often I am sure especially when we are struggling and going through difficult times. Recently, I have come to learn the solid significance of these words. But, it was not until I had risen out of my own suffering.

Ephesians 5:20 tells us to give thanks for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This scripture saves us every time we find ourselves and our loved ones in unexplained situations of struggle and pain. The last time I attempted to say thank you for my struggle I found myself hypocritical because my saying thank you was not genuine. I was not thankful for taking on another struggle. I was tired of being on the battle field. I wanted out of the vicious cycle of surviving in a world so filled with tribulations. But God reminded me of something. I was here because he wanted me here. My suffering was not in vain. 

He reminded me of how excited I was when I survived my last undesired ex…

Letter to a Racist

Dear Racist, First of all I want to thank you for reading my letter.  You do not know me and I don’t know you but I have felt your presence many times.  Yesterday I started my day thanking God for waking me up and allowing me to have a job.  There was a warm and grateful smile on my face as I greeted strangers I passed as I walked through the parking lot to enter the doors to my job.  As I turned the corner to get on the elevator, I was greeted with a dark, cold and fearful unseen vibration that made me wonder if Satan himself had entered the building.  I took a deep breath and proceeded to get on the elevator.  With a smile on my face I pushed the button to the floor I was heading to.  In the meantime there I was just you and me. You stood there like you were made out of stone definitely was not giving up any eye contact.  You just stood in the elevator as far from me as you could almost as if you were not breathing.   Looking up with a smile, I silently thanked God I did not have t…