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Linda D. Wattley I just wanted to share with you a conversation I had with a woman last night who recently lost a family member (a soldier) that I knew. The woman relayed that her nephew, whom the family believed had PTSD, was tragically taken from the world and the family is trying to come to terms with that disease, his loss, and how it affected him. We talked for a good while and I brought up your book Soldier With A Backpack.  I told her how PTSD affected you, your family, and those loved ones around you.  We talked about how PTSD is a silent disease that is largely misunderstood.  I then let her know about your book and how it helps those understand a lot of what the disease is and how it effects all; not just the one who may have experienced a tragic event. She asked for info on the book and I gave it to her.  She was very thankful that I took over an hour of my time to talk with her and not just brush her off. Today, she called me and said they ordered your book and look forwa…