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We live in a world that promotes Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Lifestyles dictate for us to push and push all day long just to say we are not lazy and we are doing the best we can. Each time we walk out the door of our homes, we enter into a real live war zone. People are so stressed out, unhappy, and unhealthy because of priorities and a need for acceptance. It has proven there are so many ways to die, car accidents, bullets, falls, natural disasters, suicide etc. We have to stand guard against other human beings because we do not know who is a walking time bomb. The universal reality is we are all fragile. We all are losing comfort zones needed to remain healthy and strong. Just when we think it is safe, someone is murdered by the hand of another person or raped, robed, kidnapped, abused etc. We are all accessible to victimization. How do we walk on earth without fear of attack, death, violations and being at the wrong place at the wrong time? 
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They called all that negativity going on during the debate competing to win the highest position in America.  Seriously, any outsiders watching what makes us a country had to feel pretty good, seeing how divided we are as a nation, it will be very easy to conquer us with simple strategy.

I couldn't believe these people really wants to be the President of the United States.  Why? Don't they remember how aged and weathered the presidents look exiting the White House?  It wasn't just President Obama who took a whipping, look at President Clinton and Bush.  They still haven't recovered.  Why would anybody subject themselves to such horror.

The debate went on and on only seeking more ways to ambush their own brethren, Donald Trump.  What we saw was Trump the Savior become as human as the others.  You would have thought he would have been done that night.  But no, people in America still have hope he can save them from the wrath we endure from our government.  Face it people…